Thursday, 7 January 2010

A touch of colour...

One of my new years resolutions, if you can call it that, is to do more drawing and painting on location. I'm fairly happy with the way my sketching has been progressing but wanted also to be able to capture the lighting of a scene. I tried my hand at watercolour last year with some success but am still not sure if it is the medium for me and as oil paints sound quite daunting to a novice, I decided to give acrylics a go. After a couple of tests on paper I dived in with this painting, done on 8x6 canvas board with four colours and titanium white, using photos taken last summer for reference.


  1. Very nice !
    I just bought some acrylics myself and this inspires me to get at it. For a first painting I'd say you are doing extremely well.

  2. Love your sketches. Great job w/ the greens you've mixed on this piece. don't necessarily shy away from oils. They are very forgiving as they take so long to dry, so you can scrape away and try again!

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys, I appreciate it.

    @Pam, Oils are my ultimate goal, I think. For a while now I've been studying other peoples blogs/sites, trying to pick up tips and familiarise myself more with them.

  4. Good composition, love that the path is just offset, that's the designer in you coming out.