Friday, 4 October 2013

Canal Bridge, Marple

It's been raining a lot lately so I've had a lot of spare time, in doors. Here's another painting from a photo taken a few years a go.

Canal Bridge, Marple. (8x5)

Cloud study

A few people that I follow have been painting clouds, lately. I love clouds but often overlook them when painting. Here is quite a quick study that I did. 4 colours, as usual, with the addition of some Cerulean Blue for the sky...

Clouds, (8x6)

Friday, 20 September 2013

Barrel Inn, Bretton

One of my favourite places in the Peak District at the moment. I often cycle up the steep hill to take in the views from Bretton. The Barrel Inn is said to be the highest pub in the Peaks and dates back to 1597.

I painted this one at home from as series of photos taken on a recent trip. Again four colour, Artisan oils on gesso'd card.

Barrel Inn, Bretton. (8x6)

Sunday, 15 September 2013

It's good to be back...

It's scary how fast time goes by. I doesn't seem like two years since I posted anything to my blog. I certainly never meant to leave it that long.

It's difficult to fit more than one hobby into a limited amount of free time and as I started to cycle more my painting took a back seat. What started as a lunchtime escape grew into me entering and riding organised Audax events, ranging from 100km up to 600km and eventually completing a Super Randonneur series - something I wouldn't have thought possible a couple of years a go.

I've met some great people in this time and seen a lot more of the countryside than before but above all, never lost the desire to paint. With all my immediate cycling goals met I'm now hoping to turn my attention back to painting. To blow away the cobwebs I've been doing a few small studies, at home, from photos. I've also switched from using Griffin Alkyd oils to Artisan - still four colours, though :)

Rusty Barn, Grindleford. (8x4)

Ashford in the Water. (8x6)

Foolow. (8x6)

Castleton. (8x6)