Friday, 28 May 2010

Limb Valley

For working hard all month on an important milestone everyone was awarded a free days holiday, today and what better way to spend it than cycling and painting in the countryside.

It took quite a while to find a fairly simple subject and I finally settled on this rather striking tree. I sat at the edge of a field will my small pochade box, painting while the sun burnt one side of my neck and small colony of ants tucked into my legs - it was worth it, though...

Oil on Gesso board, 8x6

Thursday, 27 May 2010


We've been enjoying a really hot spell here, lately. Knowing what I do about English weather, it was clear that it wouldn't last and it didn't. Before it ended, I managed to cycle out into the countryside and do a couple of 'plein air' oil sketches. Although I didn't do anything that I think is good enough to post, it did fill my head with new ideas about how to approach things and a renewed enthusiasm to paint.

Here is a slightly larger than usual painting, based on a photo of the woods where I walk our dog most mornings...

Oil on canvas board, 10x8