Thursday, 21 January 2010

More Acrylic dabblings

Some more 8x6 practice paintings that I managed to squeeze in, in between work and everything else. the first two are based on photographs taken last summer and the third is my take on a portion of painting by Acrylic Artist John Hammond, from his excellent book 'free expression in acrylics'.

I definitely think I'm falling into my usual trap of cramming too much detail into a small space, so I'm going to concentrate on doing several faster, simpler and more painterly studies, next.


  1. Your work is beautiful Matthew! I saw you have become a follower of my blog so popped over to "meet" you and see your work. YEA, another acrylic painter!! I know what you are saying...I have that problem constantly...when I do I paint with the biggest brush I can find. I helps, and humbles!

  2. Thanks, Saundra! It's great hear from you and good to find someone else who uses Acrylics - I think your blog is brilliant, by the way, very creative and very very inspiring!