Friday, 11 March 2011


Continuing on with the 4 colour theme; this is a view from a local picnic spot, looking over an Alpaca farm. They were quite a site when first introduced a good few years ago, but I'm used to them now. They're just like sheep with longer necks :)

Oil on Gesso'd board, 7x5


  1. Hi Matthew, you're doing a wonderful job with these limited palette paintings.
    Which primaries are you working with if I may ask?

  2. Hi Erik, thank you for the kind words. At the moment I'm using colours that I already had in my paint box...

    French Ultramarine,
    Cadmium Red medium,
    Cadmium Lemon &
    Titanium white.

    I'm fairly pleased with the results so far and am definitely going to stick with the limited palette.


  3. Thanks Matt,
    I'm going to try Cad Lemon too, I've been using Cad Yellow light but found my mixes are turning out too warm a lot of times. Cad Lemon might help.
    Your results are beautiful. Looking forward to your updates.